Work Hack

I sometimes feel like I’m always losing a battle with myself to not check my work email or messages when I’m away from work. I’ve declined to have two separate phones, at least for now, which may be the best way to be unavailable completely, but somehow feels overly confusing to me.

For a while now, I’ve adopted the approach of keeping my work email quarantined to an entirely separate email app. In my case, I’ve been keeping work in Google Inbox and Microsoft Outlook, and my personal and side project emails in Spark and Mail. This has allowed me to keep a single folder of apps for work on the first screen of my phone, where I keep email, messages, and documents related to my job.So far so good, but I realized that this step has enabled me to try yet another step: with all my work-related apps now in a single folder, I can just move that folder to the last screen of my phone when I’m on my way home, and back to the first when I get to work.

I’m gonna try this for a while and see if I can make it a habit.